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The AMAZING MYANMAR Tour is your complete tour operator from Yangon (formerly known as Rangoon). We will make your trip a unique experience.

THE AMAZING MYANMAR was founded by the Myanmar national, Tony Hla Shwe, privately owned car rental company of Myanmar in 2014. Tony spent about one decade on Tourism business while he was looking into the opportunity to materialize his dream in his home country.

Today The AMAZING MYANMAR operates as a complete tour operator with excellent contacts to the young and fast growing travel industry of Myanmar. But still we are 100% privately owned with no influence and contacts of any military or government institutions. We are also trying to work with new established hotels or restaurants as we want to promote the private sector as part of the travel business.

Because we are a very young and new company, we can guarantee: AMAZING MYANMAR is a private owned company 100 per cent - without any involvement of official or governmental bodies.

What's important for us: THE AMAZING MYANMAR always feels responsibly for the people of Myanmar. We want to improve the understanding for all different ethnic groups and we want to show our guests the authentic Myanmar, which isĀ for us: A WONDERFUL COUNTRY!

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Tony Hla Shwe
(Tour operator)
No.11, Thazin Street,
Yay Kyaw,
Pazundaung Township,
Yangon, Myanmar

Tel.: +95-9-795 418 728, +95-9-730 97582


Contact Email: